Oregon Governor Shares Career Insights with Philomath Students

Governor Tina Kotek has been in office for less than 11 weeks. On Thursday morning, 23 March 2023,Β she went to Philomath High School to learn more about its great career and technical education program.

The governor recently put out a list of priorities for education, one of which was to “accelerate the growth of career and technical education programs so that more students graduate with paths to well-paying jobs.”

Oregon Governor Shares Career Insights with Philomath Students

One of the CTE students from Philomath who was chosen to take part said something that seems to fit Kotek’s vision.

“One student talked about how when they walk into the shop, it’s a job, and they need to be on time, they do the work together, they need to follow directions β€” skills they’re going to need anywhere they go in life,” PHS Principal Mark Henderson said.

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According to Philomathnews, students can study industrial engineering, forestry/natural resources, business management, culinary arts, or health occupations in the CTE program at Philomath High School. The program is considered complete for a campus as big as Philomaths.

“She wanted to hear kids’ experiences, so we chose kids from a cross-section of all of those programs to be a part of it,” Henderson said. “I think we ended up with 23 students that participated.”

Kotek asked them what they liked best about each of the five shows.

Henderson said, “They talked about how it affected them and how it might have changed their career path. These were skills they learned in those programs.”

Henderson said Kotek also asked the students what they wanted her to do.

“There was talk about getting more money,” he said.

Henderson also said that a few students spoke up for the forestry industry and spoke about “the worry that is happening right now between the environmentalists and the timber industry.”

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After talking with the CTE students, Kotek met with some Philomath School District administrators and department heads.

In addition to Henderson and CTE Coordinator Jessica Hanson, these included the school superintendent, an assistant high school principal, a middle school principal, a board member, and the district’s business manager.

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