How Many People Are in Hillsboro? A Growing City Full of Life!

Are you interested in learning more about the people living in one of the Oregon cities experiencing the most rapid growth? You have arrived at the right location if the question “How Many Persons Are There in Hillsboro?” has occupied your mind. Let’s dig in and investigate the population makeup of this vibrant city that’s only a stone’s throw away from Portland, shall we?

How Many People Are in Hillsboro?

Located in Oregon, Hillsboro is one of the many great American cities. Hillsboro had around 109,600 residents as of the United States Census in 2020. According to this count, Hillsboro is the state of Oregon’s fifth-largest city, behind Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Gresham.

Throughout the past few decades, Hillsboro’s population has increased by about 2% annually. Several factors have contributed to this expansion, including the city’s flourishing technology sector, low cost of living compared to other Pacific Northwest communities, and proximity to Portland.

A sizeable Hispanic community accounts for roughly 29% of Hillsboro’s total inhabitants, contributing to the city’s diversified demographic makeup. In addition, the city’s Asian population has grown substantially, up by about half since 2000. It’s worth noting that Hillsboro has a somewhat younger median age than the rest of the country, at 34.

How Many People Are in Hillsboro

Several different industries contribute to Hillsboro’s economy. They include IT, healthcare, and manufacturing. Intel, Nike, and Providence Health & Services are just a few of the city’s top employers. Compared to the rest of the country, Hillsboro has a relatively high median household income, at around $80,000.

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Hillsboro is home to some public and private schools and a campus of Pacific University’s School of Health Professions. The city’s many parks, trails, and leisure centers attract nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Hillsboro is a vibrant and multifaceted metropolis, boasting a robust economy, a wide range of sectors, and several educational and recreational options.

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