Oregon Walmart Stores To Go Bagless Starting In April

Walmart customers will need to bring their own bags or hold their purchases in their hands and arms.

Walmart stores in Oregon will stop giving out plastic bags at checkout and pick up in about a month. Instead, they will encourage customers to bring their bags or containers.

β€œEliminating single-use bags aligns our stores with the Oregon values of a sustainable community,” said Jane Ewing, senior vice president of Walmart Sustainability, in a press release.

β€œWe are committed to making the sustainable choice accessible and convenient for Oregonians, so that together we can reduce waste every day.”

Single-use plastic bags were supposed to be banned in Oregon in 2020, but the pandemic stopped that from happening. At Walmart, one-time-use bags cost between 5 and 10 cents each. On Tuesday, April 18, they will no longer be available.

Oregon Walmart Stores To Go Bagless Starting In April

Customers will have to leave the store with their groceries and other items, not in bags, buy reusable bags in the store, or send someone to their cars to get the reusable bags that are collecting dust in the backseat.

Oregon is not the only state where Walmart has stopped giving out bags. Paper and plastic bags have been banned in Canada, Mexico, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Colorado and Connecticut since January.

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The company says that by not giving out bags in six states, it saves more than 1.2 billion plastic and paper bags every year.

In October 2022, stores began selling new reusable bags with their brands. The company said it has changed how reusable bags are placed in stores and made changes to checkout lines to make room for more reusable bags.

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Paper bags will still be used for delivery, and stores will keep giving out single-use bags in places that keep food from getting contaminated.

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