Police Investigate Strange Vancouver Hospital Drop-off That Kills Man

Early on Friday morning, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into a death that appeared to be suspicious at a local hospital.

After receiving a call regarding the odd circumstances surrounding an unconscious guy who had been dropped off at the entrance of the Emergency Department just before 5 a.m., deputies went to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital to investigate the situation.

Here is the tweet about Vancouver hospital drop-off

An unresponsive man was found to be driving a pickup truck that arrived at the emergency room. As I was riding in the passenger seat, another man was operating the vehicle. The second man fled in the car when the medical workers brought the unconscious man into the hospital’s building.

Also, look at the other important news:

The man who was brought to the hospital unconscious was pronounced dead there. The Clark County, Major Crimes Unit, is conducting the investigation.

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