Miguel Borja Net Worth: How Much Does Professional Football Player Cost?


Born on January 26, 1993, Miguel Ángel Borja HernÑndez is a professional football player from Colombia who plays forward for both the Colombian national team and the Argentine club River Plate.

Being one of the most feared strikers in South American football, Borja is known for his strong shooting, outstanding heading abilities, and clinical finishing. Born in Tierra Alta, Colombia, Borja started his career with CortuluΓ‘ in the second level, where he became well known for being a “fast” and “complete” goalscorer.

Top-tier teams took notice of his prolific scoring record, and in 2015, he joined Independiente Santa Fe. Borja became well-known in Santa Fe, where he scored important goals and contributed significantly to the team’s 2015 Copa Sudamericana victory.

2016 saw Borja called up to the Colombian national squad as a result of his achievements at Santa Fe. He rapidly established himself as a consistent starter, displaying his skill on a global scale. Borja moved to the well-known Palmeiras in Brazil in 2017 in exchange for a hefty transfer fee.

He finally adjusted to the Brazilian league despite some initial difficulties, and he helped the squad win the Copa Libertadores in 2020.

Miguel BorjaΒ Net Worth

Miguel Borja Net Worth
Miguel Borja Net Worth

Online sources indicate that Colombian football player Miguel Borja is worth 2 million dollars. The main source of Miguel Borja’s wealth is his accomplishments as a football player for Colombia.

Miguel BorjaΒ Height and Weight

The professional football player from Colombia named Miguel Borja is 183 cm (6 feet) tall and weighs 89 kg (196 lbs). His physical attributesβ€”height and weightβ€”are not only crucial to his on-field success but also a reflection of the physical demands of playing professional football.

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Borja’s height of 183 cm adds to his presence and agility on the field, enabling him to participate in aerial duels and move around the field with ease. His 89 kg weight, on the other hand, demonstrates a balance between strength and mobilityβ€”important qualities for a striker like Borja, who must evade defenders while still moving quickly. See his Instagram post below:

Miguel Borja Nationality

The talented football player Miguel Borja is a patriotic Colombian, displaying his nationality as evidence of his South American heritage. Born in Tierralta, CΓ³rdoba, on January 26, 1993, Borja’s Colombian ancestry has greatly influenced both his identity and his football career.

Colombia is known for its intense football culture, and the country has produced many great players. Borja is one example of the rich sporting heritage of Colombia. Being a citizen of his country gives him access to a thriving football community as well as a sense of pride and accountability because he plays international football for his nation.

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