Who is Debby Ryan Married to? Her Prince Charming Revealed

All eyes, cameras, and wedding bells, please! Debby Ryan, a cherished actress most known for her time as a star on Disney Channel, recently tied the wedding with an unknown suitor. The mystery of her romantic life has finally been revealed, and fans can no longer contain their excitement. Who exactly is Debby Ryan’s husband, then?

Come along with us as we reveal the name of the lucky man who won her heart and learns about the wonderful journey that led to them living happily ever after. As we go into the romantic history of one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood, be ready to get all mushy on us!

Who is Debby Ryan Married to?

Debby Ryan married Josh Dun, the man she had been dating on and off for several years. They married on the evening of December 31, 2019, in a very low-key ceremony. In 2018, while on a trip to New Zealand, Josh proposed, and she accepted. In 2013, they were finally seen in public for the first time.

While Debby has gained widespread fame thanks to her appearances on Disney Channel and elsewhere, Josh also enjoys a high profile in his own right. He’s the band Twenty-One Pilots’ incomparable drummer and never misses a beat.

Who is Debby Ryan Married to

Fans of Debby and Josh were ecstatic when they made their relationship public on Instagram in September 2013.

According to PopSugar, they began dating in May of 2013, but it wasn’t until a few months later that they began publicly sharing photos of themselves. When they first stepped out together in public, it was at the 2014 Norma Jean Gala, and it was clear that they were destined for great things.

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Regrettably, Debby posted in March 2015 about being single, so we assumed the couple had split up at least temporarily. In the end, they could put their differences aside and marry.

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