Kitchie Laurico Car Accident: An Assistant to Floyd Mayweather Died in a Crash


Kitchie, Floyd Mayweather’s longtime helper, perished in an automobile accident. The whole Internet community is interested in the vehicle accident involving Kitchie Laurico. Laurico, whose real name is Marikit Laurico, worked as Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s assistant.

The news of Floy’s horrific death in an automobile accident has left her family and admirers in shock. Floyd Mayweather Jr., a former professional boxer from the United States, is widely considered one of the greatest fighters in history.

His fights attracted a lot of media attention and excitement, and he won several world titles in a variety of weight divisions. In addition to his fame as a boxer, Mayweather is also well-known for his extravagant spending patterns and his vehicle and aircraft collection.

Kitchie Laurico Car Accident

Kitchie Laurico Car Accident
Kitchie Laurico Car Accident

The user is looking for information about the car accident that claimed Kitchie Laurico’s life. While paying her respects to Laurico, Mayweather’s daughter broke down in tears and expressed her disbelief in what had transpired.

She argued that Laurico’s significance to the family extended beyond her dad’s employment position. Floy’s daughter described Kitchie as a kind individual who gave others confidence in themselves.

According to multiple accounts, Kitchie passed away in March 2023 as a result of the severe injuries she had received in the vehicle accident. The Laurico family has been grieved by the news of Kitchie Laurico’s death in an automobile accident, and they have asked that no more information be released at this time.

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What Happened to Marikit Kitchie Laurico?

In addition to her fame as a personal assistant, Kitchie Kitch had a wide range of other interests. She liked traveling to different locations and dressing up. Her contemporaries respected her for her dedication to the organization and her hard work. See the Tweet for more details:

Her loved ones characterize her as a selfless individual who is constantly eager to help others. When the accident occurred, she was on her to the airport to pick up Floyd Mayweather. The crash claimed the lives of Kitchie Kitch and Andrei Sison, Mayweather’s close friend who was also riding in the car.

The sole survivor of the crash was Josh Ford, a fellow passenger in the car. Ford is currently recovering at home after suffering multiple injuries. He expressed to Kitchie Kitch’s family his sadness over his friend’s passing.

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