Richard Rankin Girlfriend: A Closer Look At His Current Relationship!


Richard Rankin girlfriend, Sammy Russell, owns the clothing business Dream With Me. Sammy is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. The Scottish actor is best known for his role as Roger Wakefield MacKenzie in the television series Outlander and his sketch show Burnistoun.

Rankin began his career in the entertainment industry with a video game show on BBC Two Scotland. As a result, he cemented his place in the industry and began obtaining more shows and films.

He intended to work in computer technology before moving into the entertainment industry. He was the only one of four siblings who had a successful acting career. He is also a well-known stage performer, having appeared in various plays since his school days, the most recent of which took place in 2021 at London’s Almeida Theatre.

His partner, on the other hand, is an aspiring Australian entrepreneur who co-founded a sleepwear firm and is not from the film industry.

Sammie Russell Has Her Own Clothing Brand

Sammie Russell, Richard Rankin’s girlfriend, launched Dream With Me. Richard previously had a relationship with Cara Theobold. She is the creator of the well-known Australian luxury sleepwear line, which offers a simple way to dress in pajamas.

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The brand’s style is classic, with fashion-forward motifs that may be worn at home or on vacation. With hand-drawn patterns on rich fabrics, each piece in the collection is a true treasure.

Sammie, Richard Rankin’s partner, was born and has lived in Melbourne her entire life. She has always been interested in clothing and fashion design, and she has a great fondness for sleepwear.

She started her own clothing business after realizing how difficult it was to find comfortable and beautiful sleepwear. The only options were simple pieces or extensively printed, almost kitsch designs. She was of an age where she didn’t want to sleep in Disney-themed nightgowns.

Richard Rankin Girlfriend

She desired something distinctive, so she decided to create her brand. She sells her clothing lines on her own website as well as on other retail websites such as Souszy and others. Her team recently finished a picture shoot in Greece for a new clothing line, which can be seen on the brand’s Instagram page.

Sammie is on social media as @sammierussell, but she has kept her account private. Her boyfriend, who also loves a quiet life, dislikes being in the spotlight.

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Richard Rankin Dating History

The 40-year-old theater and television actor has appeared in two high-profile relationships.

He is now in a relationship with Sammie, an Australian businesswoman, and is content and discreet. While filming The Syndicate for BBC One, Richard Rankin was dating his co-star Cara Theobold.

His Relationship With Cara Theobold

Richard and Cara met while filming The Syndicate in 2016. They both kept their connection hidden for a while. They were seen together in public and at events close to each other, but their relationship was never confirmed.

His name was linked to Sophie Skelton after Cara, but they both maintained that they were just friends. They hit it off right away while filming Outlander, and their friendship became one of the show’s most memorable.

Furthermore, in Season 2 of the show, their relationship began when the two built a connection and became wonderful friends over time. In Boston, he declares his love and proposes to Sophie’s character.

Brianna and Roger then begin a turbulent romantic relationship. Their public appearances and the show make it evident that they share a close friendship. The Scottish actor does not discuss his romantic life in interviews or on social media.

His Instagram, on the other hand, is loaded with photographs of various events and nature. He also has a romantic side, as evidenced by the images he takes. He once shot a stunning photograph of a man proposing to his lover.


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