Big Mota Cause of Death: Is It True That He Has Passed Away?


In the US, Big Mota is a well-known person. Hip-hop has recognized him as having had a major influence. You can read about the news that has been circulating online lately regarding his passing.

Is The News of Big Mota’s Death True?

The online search yields contradicting information regarding Big Mota’s cause of death. Big Mota was a rapper from Memphis who was shot on October 26, 2023. According to other accounts, a rival gang member shot Big Mota, sadly ending his life.

According to reports, the incident occurred late on October 26, 2023. After that, when police arrived at the scene of the event, they found a car with over a dozen bullet holes in it, and Big Mota was taken to Regional One Hospital.

Big Mota Cause of Death
Big Mota Cause of Death

Others claim that he is in a hospital and still alive, but in critical condition. According to other sources, Mota was allegedly with another person when the alleged incident happened; the other person’s name is still unknown, and the individual died early on October 27, 2023, from their wounds.

The inquiry is still underway, and the police have not refuted or corroborated any of these allegations.Β A Facebook post was also shared related to his incident with the caption,Β β€œAnother Close Loss, Rest Up TJ Santino Damn M .. Getwell Big Mota”

When Did Big Mota Was Born?

The birthdate of Big Mota is September 22, 1988. He reportedly grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and rose to fame with his mixtapes, which featured songs like Mota This, Mota That!

He also collaborated with several performers, like as Kevin Gates, Snootie Wild, and Trey Dizzle. Suspectedly robbing Shy Glizzy of his chain in 2016, Big Mota made headlines. He responded by releasing the song “Suspect,” which contributed to his rise in public recognition.

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Big Mota has more than 74,000 Instagram followers. He publishes pictures and videos of himself posing in lavish surroundings on a regular basis, but he rarely shares information about his musical activities online.

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