Who are Chrisean Rock Parents? Meet her Mom and Dad!


Chrisean Rock’s parents are Eugene Arthur Malone and Charla Tucker Malone. They are both American citizens and have led relatively private lives, away from the spotlight. However, there have been some events that drew public attention to their family.

Who Is Chrisean Rock’s Dad?

Chrisean Rock’s father is Eugene Arthur Malone, born in March 1968, which makes him 55 years old as of now. He hails from Baltimore, Maryland, and is believed to have spent most of his life there.

Eugene is of African American ethnicity and comes from a long line of African American ancestors with a history dating back to the 17th century. Not much is known about his early life, educational background, or other family members, but he attended Forest Park High School.

Meet Chrisean Rock’s Mom

Chrisean Rock’s mom is Charla Tucker Malone, born in December 1964, making her 59 years old at the moment. Like Eugene, Charla is also from Maryland and is of African American descent. Similar to Eugene, little information is available about her early life, family, education, or occupation.

Who are Chrisean Rock Parents?
Who are Chrisean Rock Parents?

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Chrisean Rock’s Parents Legal Trouble

In January 1997, both Eugene and Charla were arrested during a police search of their home in Cape St. Claire. They were accused of stealing their neighbor’s mail.

The search followed tips from local businesses about attempts to cash stolen checks. The police discovered a significant amount of stolen mail and checks from mailboxes in the Cape St. Clair area.

Chrisean Rock’s Parents Are No Longer Together

Eugene Malone and Charla Malone were reportedly married for over three decades, but they are no longer together. The exact reason for their separation, which is believed to have occurred around 2022, is unknown. There is no public statement from either of them regarding the end of their long relationship.

Raising Twelve Children

Together, Eugene and Charla raised a total of twelve children, though the exact number they had together is unclear. Some sources suggest they had eight children, while Charla had three children from a previous relationship, totaling eleven. The twelfth child’s identity and background remain undisclosed.

Chrisean’s Strong Connection with Her Mother

Chrisean doesn’t talk much about her parents in public, but when she does, she usually has more positive things to say about her mother. While she hasn’t introduced them publicly, she sometimes tweets about her mom. Chrisean has a strong bond with her mother and often expresses her admiration for her.

Her father, Eugene, had some trouble early on as he was in prison for a while because of a crime he committed. During that time, Chrisean’s mom, Charla, took care of her and her 11 siblings all by herself. It wasn’t easy because they didn’t have much money, and it was hard for Charla to provide for their basic needs.

Chrisean Rock’s Instagram Post:

Charla faced some challenges during this time and turned to drugs for comfort. This made it tough for her to focus on her children, which affected Chrisean. Chrisean had to rely on her siblings, friends, and daily routines to get through those difficult times.

Despite the challenges, Chrisean still has a lot of respect and love for her mom. She has talked about the tough times and the abuse they both went through because of her dad. It was really hard for Chrisean to see her mom suffer like that.

Chrisean has come a long way since then. She’s now successful and famous, and she’s left her difficult past behind. She may not have a good relationship with her father, but she still connects with her mom and spends time with her. Her mom has overcome her struggles with drugs and has successfully reintegrated into society.

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