Kylie Jenner and TimothΓ©e Chalamet’s “Low-Key” Romance Finally Goes Public


Kylie Jenner is a beauty mogul and reality TV royalty, and fans are obsessed with guessing who she is dating. From an Academy Award nominee to a Toronto rap superstar, she has been linked to them all. Of course, she has two children with rapper Travis Scott, and that bond is impossible to overlook.

Below, we explore Kylie’s romantic history, from short-lived hookups to serious commitments.

Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating?

The gossip website Deux Moi claims that Kylie and the Oscar-nominated actor TimothΓ©e started dating in early 2023. With the headline “New couple alert,” Deux Moi shared a communication from an unnamed insider who claimed, “I can confirm about TimothΓ©e and Kylie. … I’ve known about them since January [Paris Fashion Week].

At first, it was hard to realize how coincidental it was. “This has gotta be a late April Fools lol,” one user said.

A source told ET that the two were dating on April 17, 2023. They are taking things slowly and casually at the moment. “It’s not serious, but Kylie and TimothΓ©e are spending a lot of time together and are excited to see what happens next,” the insider claimed. Compared to her previous relationships, this one is a lot of fun for her. Kylie is enjoying herself immensely because it is something completely new for her.

Although they never publicly confirmed their breakup in August 2023, speculation persisted that the two had ended their relationship. Life & Style claims that Kylie is the one that was fired.

β€œShe’s telling people that things between them naturally fizzled out because they’re both busy and traveling,” the magazine’s insiders said. β€œBut friends are whispering that Kylie got dumped.”

“Kylie is playing it casual, but her friends know this must sting,” the insider continued. After breaking up with Travis (Scott), TimothΓ©e was the first guy she dated seriously. She even brought him into the fold of her relatives.

But shortly after these reports spread, TMZ said the two were still together. The site claims its sources have said that “any reports that say otherwise are false.”

Kylie Jenner and TimothΓ©e Chalamet’s “Low-Key” Romance Finally Goes Public

Kylie Jenner and TimothΓ©e Chalamet's Low-Key Romance Finally Goes Public

The world finally got to see Kylie Jenner and TimothΓ©e Chalamet because of Queen Bey. Their odd courtship, which has been the subject of summerlong rumors, was solidified this weekend when they were spotted together at Beyonce’s Renaissance event.

TMZ has obtained intimate footage of Jenner and Chalamet kissing and cuddling in the VIP section. I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but the facts don’t support the idea that they’ll ever get together.

This information was taken directly from Twitter. The material shown here may be available in a different format on their website, or you may find additional resources there.

Page Six and ET Online report that Jenner and her new boyfriend have been keeping their relationship “low-key.” The couple had never been seen together in public before this past weekend. Absolutely never.

I see wanting to keep a romance quiet, especially when Kardashians and Fremen are involved, but it’s incredible that you were able to escape the cameras for almost five months.

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