The Best New Features of the GoPro Hero 12 Black


The GoPro Hero 12 Black is very similar to its predecessor, the Hero 11 Black. The two action cameras are virtually identical in every way; they both use the same 1/1.9-inch CMOS image sensor and boast identical still and moving-image resolutions.

Both cameras benefit from the same size battery and have a similar grade for water resistance.

However, there are still many new and noteworthy features in the newest GoPro models. Read on to learn about all the new features of the GoPro Hero 12 Black.

How to Shoot in 8:7 Aspect Ratio on the GoPro Hero 12 Black?

A still image or video recording at up to 5.3K quality and 8:7 aspect ratio can be taken with either the GoPro Hero 12 Black or Hero 11 Black.

The Hero 12 Black, on the other hand, allows you to shoot in this aspect ratio in all of its video modes and at all of its available resolutions, including TimeWarp, Time Lapse, Night Lapse, and all of the Night Effects modes.

Is the GoPro Hero 12 Black Worth the Upgrade?

HDR capability for video is another huge improvement over the Hero 11 Black, letting the action camera preserve greater clarity in both bright and gloomy scenes.

The camera has a better power management mechanism, allowing it to record for twice as long. HyperSmooth video stabilization allows videographers to continuously shoot for up to 70 minutes at 5.3K resolution.

Is HyperSmooth 6.0 Worth the Upgrade?

Is HyperSmooth 6.0 Worth the Upgrade

The Hero 12 Black also ushers in the newest version of GoPro’s stabilization software, called HyperSmooth 6.0.

The latest iteration of HyperSmooth’s AutoBoost automatically increases video stabilization where it’s needed while still retaining the smallest possible cropping margin. The computerized Linear + Horizon Lock lens can level the horizon even when rotated around 360 degrees.

How Bluetooth Audio Connectivity Improves the GoPro Hero 12 Black?

The GoPro Hero 12 Black is compatible with Bluetooth audio devices like the Apple AirPods and others. This facilitates distant voice commands, scene narration, and vlogging.

The mic input on the Hero 11 Black was a 3.5mm jack, thus external mics could be connected to the camera.

The GoPro Hero 12 Black is compatible with a wider variety of camera mounts.

There are now 1/4-20 mounting threads on the GoPro Hero 12 Black. This implies that the newer model may use the new 48-inch extended Extension Pole + Waterproof Shutter Remote, as well as other commonly used camera mounts and accessories.

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