Gayle King Net Worth: Her $14 Million Cash and $12 Million Stock Portfolio


Gayle King, host of “CBS Mornings,” is a busy woman who is constantly learning new things and putting them to use. In addition to her employment at CBS, she is currently an editor for O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah Winfrey’s publication.

The 68-year-old has worked in Hollywood’s talk show and news reporting industries for longer than anyone can remember. To learn more about King’s financial situation, please read on.

Gayle King Net Worth

Journalist, author, and magazine editor Gayle King of the United States has a $40 million fortune. She has been an editor for “O, The Oprah Magazine” since 1999 and has been a co-host on “CBS This Morning” since 2012. King has served as a correspondent for “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and in 2011, she hosted “The Gayle King Show” on OWN.

CBS paid Gayle $5.5 million between 2014 and 2019. That’s around $30 million in raw profits throughout that time frame. It was reported in May 2019 that she had secured a new contract earning at least $11,000,000 a year.

Gayle King’s $14 Million Cash and $12 Million Stock Portfolio

Gayle King's $14 Million Cash and $12 Million Stock Portfolio

Gayle King owns nine homes, four vehicles, and two superyachts. In addition to her other assets, Gayle King has approximately $14 million in cash on hand. Gayle King has a $12 million portfolio consisting of nine different stocks. You can see some of Gayle King’s stock holdings down below.

  • Citigroup
  • Tesla
  • Vis
  • McDonald’s
  • PayPal
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Debts and Obligations of Gayle King

Gayle King borrowed $43,000 in order to pursue her further education many years ago. Gayle King has paid off her student loans in full thanks to her meteoric rise to fame on television and subsequent massive financial success.

A large loan of $9 million was taken out by Gayle King a few years ago to help her expand her business and enter the media industry. The current balance of this loan with Morgan Stanley is factored into Gayle King’s net worth.

Gayle King did not come from a wealthy home. This means that Gayle King has earned her whole net worth over the past decade. Gayle King’s astute investments in the stock market and real estate are generating massive monthly income, which will ensure the continued growth of her fortune.

Gayle King’s $7.5 Million Connecticut Mansion

King spent $7 million in 2008 on a 2,508-square-foot Manhattan penthouse with two fireplaces and a wraparound deck. Her Greenwich, Connecticut mansion, which she purchased in 2000 for $3.6 million, sold for over $7.5 million later that year. Overground Railroad LLC, a business owned by Winfrey, is listed as the owner of the property.

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