Oregon Governor Tina Kotek Evaluates 2023 Legislative Session

Hundreds of measures are awaiting the final signature of Governor Tina Kotek on her desk. Since the legislative session has ended, she has less than thirty days to evaluate the measures.

Kotek stated on Wednesday (28 June) that she has not yet identified specific legislation or budget items she would veto, including a bill that would allow Oregonians to pump their own gas for the first time since 1951.

It’s one of more than 300 legislation she’ll read line by line, evaluate all testimony, and ultimately decide on, she said. She encouraged Oregonians to submit their feedback to her office within 30 days.

Kotek said –

“I have not made a commitment either way on that bill.”

“If people want to weigh in on any of the bills that are before me now that they’re out of the Legislature, you can go to our website.”

During her news conference on Wednesday, Kotek addressed a wide range of topics, including her announcement of the new secretary of state for Oregon and the next steps following the conclusion of the 82nd legislative session.

Kotek stated that she was pleased with the session’s accomplishments, but that the impact of the Republican-led exit could not be ignored. She attributed the failure to pass campaign finance reform, despite it being a high priority for her administration and Democratic leaders, to the absence of Republican and independent senators.

Kotek said –

“The dynamic of the walkout was significant.”

Ten days before the end of the session, the longest walkout in the state’s history came to an end, setting a frenetic tempo in the Capitol for the final week. With a large number of new members and new leadership, it was evident that the upcoming legislative session would be “a little different,” according to Kotek.

Senate President Rob Wagner, D-Lake Oswego, succeeded Peter Courtney, who had served as Senate leader for 20 years. Prior to her tenure as House speaker from 2013 to 2022, Kotek served as House majority leader for two years.

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek evaluates 2023 legislative session

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She stated that despite “difficult situations,” leaders were able to accomplish a budget, sound policy, and other things that will benefit Oregonians. Relationships will require restoration. Kotek expressed hope that Republicans’ perception that they were not treated fairly would not transfer over to future legislative sessions.

After Sine die, Wagner stated that developing relationships with the Republican caucus before the 2024 session begins in February will be a top priority. Kotek stated that the absences of Republican senators affected the outcome of one of her priority bills, House Bill 3414, even after the formal walkout concluded.

Here is a recent tweet from Governor Tina Kotek’s official account-Β 

Sunday afternoon on the Senate floor, the measure failed by a single vote after Kotek spent the final 72 hours of the session lobbying for its passage. In an effort to address the red tape that has stifled housing production in the state, the measure would have given cities the option to expand their urban growth boundaries.

It was deemed necessary to achieve the governor’s ambitious annual housing production goal of 36,000 new homes. The opposition to the measure was primarily motivated by environmental concerns.

Kotek said about the bill’s failure –

“I thought I had commitments to get the votes we needed.”

She stated that if the measure is not passed, she will return to the topic of housing. She added that the session is over, but the topic remains. She will evaluate the legislative accomplishments regarding the housing crisis and housing supply before deciding what must be done next.

Kotek said –

“I’m open to all options because housing is a crisis.”

“I’m going to keep talking about housing and I will do whatever it takes to make sure we get more supply in the pipeline.”

During the news conference, Kotek also celebrated the approval of funding for the Interstate 5 bridge project and the passage of House Bill 3198, which established the Early Literacy Success Initiative to address the state’s lagging literacy rates.

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