Why Locals In Portland Recommend You Don’t Come Here


We can confidently say that your proximity to and thoughts about a city are not always antithetical. That’s supposedly the case in Portland, or more accurately, the area just outside of Portland, where locals no longer promote the city to tourists.

Top Reasons To Avoid Portland

Megan Conway, chief strategy officer for Portland Travel, reports that between 2017 and 2023, the percentage of Portland suburb residents who said they would recommend the city to visitors dropped from 88% to 61%, while the rate of those who said they would actively oppose travel rose from 9% to 24.

(Alternatively, “city dwellers” reported a higher propensity to promote their hometown to visitors.) Skift claims that the media’s less-than-stellar (and mostly true) portrayal of the city has contributed significantly to the considerable reduction in citizen approval outside Portland in recent years.

Increasing Crime Rate In Portland

Recent reports say there has been a worrying rise in illegal activity in Portland. Residents are worried about the rising crime rate, making law enforcement agencies work harder.

The number of steals, assaults, and property crimes has increased noticeably. Authorities tell people to stay alert and take the necessary steps to keep themselves safe.

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Newspaper articles with titles like “What’s the matter with Portland? Shootings, theft, and other crime test city’s progressive strain” have contributed to the public’s perception that the city is unsafe due to increased crime and violence.

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Large numbers of non-locals are typically [suburbanites]. They have been discovered to account for as much as 70% of visitors in some areas,” Habtemariam notes. Sensational headlines help create ideas and affect behaviour, especially among people who hid in the suburbs during the pandemic and now work remotely.

The phrase “shootings, theft, and other crime” does conjure up some pretty awful images in people’s minds. Even though the locals are sure that they and any tourists can avoid getting shot at for as long as they stay until they depart voluntarily.

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