Oregon House Fire Displaces Residents, Pets Rescued

Hillsborough Fire & Rescue was called to a sudden blaze in a stream, doused the fit, and rescued two pets, who were safe but confused. The home did not have a sprinkler system, and due to smoke and water damage, residents were displaced while the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

A devastating blaze occurred on Wednesday, displacing residents of Aloha House, as confirmed by Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue. At about 11 a.m., after nearby residents dialled 911, firefighters learned of smoke and flames in the 1900 block of Southwest Brooklawn Place. Immediate action was taken, and the surrounding houses were evacuated under the guidance of a sheriff present on the scene.

Oregon House Fire Displaces Residents, Pets Rescued
Oregon House Fire Displaces Residents, Pets Rescued

Firefighters quickly reached the spot, and the two-story house was seen gutted with flames coming from the attic. Fortunately, no one was inside the house at the time of the incident. However, the two cats were left behind.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Hillsborough Fire & Rescue, the fire was successfully brought under control from the outside, allowing rescuers to enter the premises and rescue the two panicked cats. Although innocuous, the pets experienced confusion and disorientation.

Sadly, the affected home did not have a sprinkler system, resulting in extensive smoke and water damage. As a result, residents will be displaced until the investigation into the cause of the fire is over.

The incident is a reminder of the importance of fire safety measures. Ensure your home has working smoke detectors and a reliable sprinkler system. Inspect and maintain these systems regularly to protect your property and loved ones from such tragic incidents.

Stay safe and vigilant, always making fire prevention and preparedness a priority.

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