Multnomah County Will Be Banning Fires On Upcoming Friday

Even though it’s early June, the Portland area is still drier than usual. This has led Portland Fire and Rescue to warn of a possibly dangerous summer. Officials said they are worried about the upcoming wildfire season, so a burn ban will take effect this Friday.

Because of this, the Multnomah County Fire Defence Board has said outdoor fires will no longer be allowed starting this Friday.

The 30th of June will be the last day farmers and people with permits can burn things outside.

“We’re concerned certainly about addressing those,’ Graves said, “grass fires, vegetation fires, the wildland-urban interface. It’s a huge concern.”

On July 6, there will be a ban on all open burning, including campfires, fire pits, and any other kind of fire. Residents can still grill outside, but they should be cautious.

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Portland General Electric also warns people they might lose power if a fire gets out of hand. They are telling people to start getting ready right away.

“So when we’re thinking about preparation,” said John Farmer, public information officer with PGE, “The first thing is to have a plan. And a plan is really just something that’s kind of the what am I going to do when something happens, when I lose power, you know, where is my extra food? Where’s my extra water? Is there someone’s house or place where I can go that I can stay out if the power stays out too long?”

Farmer also said that now is a good time to swap phone numbers with your neighbours so that you have them on hand in case of a disaster. “Make it a point to check in on each other,” he said. It can be as easy as sending them a text message or calling them to ensure they’re okay.

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