Washington County Sheriff’s Office is Seeking Victim of a Road Rage Incident and Has the Suspect in Custody

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office needs the public’s assistance locating a road rage victim. Just before 6:30, authorities say, a motorist stopped at the junction of Southwest Farmington Road and River Road, exited his vehicle, and assaulted another motorist in the face. After the victim drove away, other witnesses saw the guy enter his car and speed off.

Carlos Garcia, age 21, was apprehended after returning to the crime scene. They said he was driving a red Infinity G35, which matched witness descriptions. Witnesses allegedly told authorities that Garcia had cut off an automobile at the crossroads, gotten out, and then approached the driver’s window of the targeted vehicle.

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The driver was then allegedly hit multiple times in the face by Garcia, who threatened to shoot him and appeared to go for his waistband. The victim could maneuver his vehicle around Garcia’s vehicle by reversing.

Authorities are searching for the victim. They want to speak with him. His SUV was a dark shade of gray and bore Oregon plates. The sheriff’s office is also interested in speaking with anyone who saw Garcia driving or who saw the altercation occur.

According to the sheriff’s office, Garcia was detained by Hillsboro Police in November 2022 for similar behavior after he waved a gun at two individuals. Officials said Garcia may face further charges beyond the disorderly conduct allegation for which he was arrested and transferred to the Washington County Jail.

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The Washington County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at (503) 846-2700 if anyone has any information about the incident or knows who the victim is.


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