Suspect Sought After Police Chase Culminates in a Deadly Crash in Milwaukie

Angela Wiseman and her neighbor conversed on their porches in Milwaukie on Thursday, May 25, afternoon when they witnessed a car with flat tires go by, then crash a short distance down the road.

You can see a video of a Suspect wanted after a police chase ends with a fiery crash in Milwaukie-

“We heard a crash and a boom, and this car was just engulfed in flames,” Wiseman added. According to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy has reported seeing a 2019 Buick ECR with license plates stolen from a vehicle registered stolen in Bend.

The driver allegedly refused to pull over when the officer tried to pull him over. The deputy reportedly called off the chase when the situation grew too risky. When exactly Milwaukie police put spike strips on the Buick is unknown, although the sheriff’s office claims they did.

Wiseman and her neighbor heard a smash not long after deputies and Milwaukie police responded to a crash involving the same car at Southeast Main Street and Southeast 21st Street. According to the police, the motorist fled the scene and is now being held on numerous charges.

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License plates that had been stolen were found. The Madras police department confirmed that the Buick’s registration is in good standing. There is currently no suspect description being issued by authorities. Anyone who saw what happened should report it to the police.

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