Man Killed in Northeast Portland Shooting

Early on Wednesday, May 24,Β morning, a man was shot and killed in the Northeast Portland neighborhood.

On Wednesday, around 9:18 AM, police were called to 55th Avenue and Northeast Glisan for a complaint of gunfire in the North Tabor neighborhood. They came to find a man dead on the spot.

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No suspects were found at the scene, and no one has been detained, police added. No more facts are provided about what led up to the shooting. The area under scrutiny included Fifth Avenue from 53rd to 57th.

A gun was discovered by police on the church grounds just a few blocks from where the body was found. However, its relevance to the case is now unknown. The police have made no statements about it.

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“I think every neighborhood goes through an evolution of growth,” Beth Welty remarked. “It restricts and relaxes, and I think we’re just going through a spurt right now. I still feel 100% safe in the neighborhood.

“My kids attend school in the neighborhood, I know my neighbors, and we know each other and have each other’s back.”Β  This is a breaking news item. We will revise it as more details emerge.

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