Portland is Home to Two of the Best Burger Joints in the United States

Two restaurants in the Portland region have earned the right to call their hamburgers “some of the best in the country” because of their placement on Yelp’s top-100 list. For National Burger Day on May 28th, the user review website Yelp issued a list of the best 100 burgers in America on Tuesday, May 23.

Yelp compiled the list by selecting dining and food service industry establishments that received numerous positive comments referencing “burgers.” It then placed those companies in order based on various criteria, including reviews’ overall number and quality ratings.

No Oregon eateries made the top 20, but Portland’s Deschutes Brewery Public House and Hillsboro’s Mr. Bento Burger made the top 50. β€œWe’re just so thrilled that our fans would help us make that list. We love what we do, and we hope that that shows,” said Jill Ramseier, executive chef at the Deschutes Brewery Portland location.

Portland is Home to Two of the Best Burger

The beer, according to Ramseier, first draws customers to Deschutes, but the cuisine keeps them coming back. Ramseier began his culinary career as the pastry chef at Portland’s Deschutes Brewery Public House. She praised the restaurant’s burgers and noted that, to this day, the buns are still baked in-house.

The restaurant is dedicated to using only the freshest ingredients and is constantly improving its recipes. All of the meat is sourced from Oregon, the buns are baked fresh every day, and the condiments are chopped to order.

Ramseier gushed about the popularity of the pub burger, which comes with beer-brined pickles, and the elk burger. β€œYou have to make good food, and you have to have great customer service and those are things that we really try to focus on,” Ramseier said.

Some diners praised the burger’s aioli sauce, while others praised the burger’s flavor. Someone suggested substituting a bed of rice for the bun when ordering burgers. Kim R. left a Yelp review on May 8, saying, β€œIt’s quite different from anywhere I’ve been… and very yummy. I’m generally partial to smash burgers, but really enjoyed these non-smashers.” 

You can expand your Portland knowledge with the help of the following resources:

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q in Atlanta, Minetta Tavern in New York City, and Slutty Vegan in Atlanta all made Yelp’s list of the best burgers in the United States. Yelp noticed a pattern among the best burger joints in 2016.

They claim that Yelpers are crazy over barbecue sauce and veggie patties. Customers have shown a clear preference for more enormous burgers. The popularity of Asian fusion-style burgers like the sushi burger, the pork-filled Chinese bun burger, and the Korean-Japanese “burger” sandwich has also been on the rise.

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