Man in Vancouver Escapes Attack in Esther Short Park

On Tuesday, May 16, after work, Darlle Bullock was in the ideal spot to lend a hand. “I’ll never say I wish I hadn’t done it,” he vowed. He was to Esther Short Park to check on some homeless pals when he observed someone else in need of assistance.

β€œI stopped, and I looked, and I saw these young men pushing on this old man who had to be every bit of 70 years old,” Bullock said. Five adolescents were allegedly spotted by an older volunteer at 4:30 p.m. removing the “closed to the public” sign from the gazebo while skateboarding there.

When the teenagers started yelling, a volunteer reportedly instructed them to leave the skateboard and not skate in the area. At that point, Bullock intervened to calm things down, but things escalated violently.

Man in Vancouver Escapes Attack in Esther Short Park

β€œTheir attention wasn’t on that man anymore. That was key to me,” he said. β€œThey said several times, β€˜We’re going to hospitalize you with these skateboards,’ and I said good luck with that.”

He claimed he was punched multiple times and also hit with skateboards. A parkgoer woman who wishes to remain nameless rushed to his aid with a first aid bag and stayed by his side until medical assistance arrived.

β€œEven from far away, I noticed there was far too much blood to be in a park, and I saw that it was a gentleman being routinely attacked by a group of five teenagers from pretty much all sides,” she said.

β€œI ran to grab my phone and call 911 as other people videotaped and started to provide medical care because they hit him pretty hard in the back of the head, cracking his skull open.”

The most up-to-date details about recent events in Portland are as follows:

The healing process for Bullock has begun. He can’t use his left arm and has seven staples in his skull. β€œI’ll handle it in the end. I’m a trauma specialist, so therefore I know how to deal with this and how to cope. I know how to use my coping mechanisms and have a good group of people to help me,” he said.

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Vancouver police said they have not made any arrests as of yet. Darlle has set up a GoFundMe for anyone who would wish to contribute to the cost of his healthcare.

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