A Professor Carrying His 8-month-old Foster Child “Baby Bear” Has Gone Viral

A Portland elementary school principal saw her tale go viral when she posted about the kind acts of her teachers on social media.

A video of a professor holding her infant during class-

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This year, Markham Elementary School Principal Traniece Brown-Warrens stepped up when she learned that another kid needed a champion at school by bringing in her 8-month-old foster baby.

Baby Bear got his moniker because he often accompanies his foster mother to Waco, Texas, to cheer on the Baylor Bears of Baylor University.

Brown-Warrens is a Baylor University doctoral student in addition to her roles as a school administrator and foster parent.Β  Professor Bobby Ott was there to assist her when she was having trouble juggling all of her responsibilities.

β€œShe had come in with her little one and she said, β€˜Look, I’ll just sit in the back here in the event that, you know, he’s noisy,’ or something like that,” Ott said. β€œAnd of course, the students weren’t having that, and they said, β€˜No, come on, you come up here.’”

Professor Carrying His 8-month-old Foster Child

Baby Bear was passed around among Brown-Warrens’ pupils until he finally landed in Professor Ott’s arms. While lecturing, he carried the infant, and the photo quickly went viral. β€œQuite honestly, it slipped my mind that I had him,” Ott said.

What you need to know right now regarding recent events in Portland is as follows:

β€œI was up at the front and teaching instead of giving him back right after the partner activity. I heard a couple of giggles from some of the students, and I wasn’t sure what it was in turn and said, β€˜Hey, what’s going on?’ They’re like, well, you’re still holding him.”

Professor Ott is relieved to hear Baby Bear and the Markham Elementary School pupils are in excellent hands and have invited Baby Bear back to class at any time. β€œI look at her and I see a leader that has so much raw and untapped potential…I think she’s gonna be an exciting one to watch.”

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