An Abandoned Sailboat Slams Into the I-5 Bridge

Around noon on Tuesday, May 09, the Oregon Department of Transportation reported that a “derelict” sailboat had collided with the lift span of the Interstate 5 bridge. When the sailboat’s mast hit the bridge, the police said the persons on board were not guiding the vessel and were instead allowing it to drift downstream on its own.

An Abandoned Sailboat Slams Into the I-5 Bridge

After crashing with the bridge, the currents continued pulling the boat below it until it emerged on the other side, where emergency personnel were already standing by.

Here’s the latest on what’s been happening in Portland and why it’s important:

At this time, the Columbia River is said to have high water levels, which increases the likelihood of accidents occurring on the river. According to ODOT, there is no cause for worry about the bridge’s structural integrity.

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