A New Owner is Sought for the Albina Arts Center

The Albina Arts Center is now seeking a new proprietor to run it. For the last sixty years, the Albina Arts Center has served as a vital node for the Black community in Portland, Oregon, regarding the arts, events, and social gatherings.

You may watch a video of The Albina Arts Center looking for a new owner-

A whole new set of standards for the arts center has been developed after months of discussion and debate among hundreds of influential members of the Black community.

These include the fact that members of the Black community will direct it, establishing a secure and stimulating environment for members of the Black community, and a commitment to rejuvenating, activating, and maybe extending the current facility.

What you need to know right now regarding recent events in Portland is as follows:

A selection committee will assess applications, and by the end of the summer, they will present a suggestion for a new owner.

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