Kaitlan Collins Salary: Is She the Top Earner on CNN?


On April 7, 1992, Kaitlan Collins was born in Prattville, Alabama. Since she was very young, she has been interested in writing. She attended the University of Alabama to pursue her passion, and in 2014, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science.

Her involvement in journalism throughout her time in college served as a foundation for her future endeavours. Kaitlan Collins, the Chief White House Correspondent for CNN, has established a solid reputation as a reliable journalist.

Her journey from being a self-employed writer to a familiar face on CNN is incredibly motivating. This article discusses Kaitlan Collins’s earnings, including her pay, the variables that influence it, and how much she makes in comparison to other journalists.

Collins has achieved numerous noteworthy feats that have made her a significant figure in the political journalism industry.

Kaitlan Collins Salary and Net Worth

Kaitlan Collins Salary
Kaitlan Collins Salary

Following her promotion to lead the morning show, CNN boosted Kaitlan Collins’ salary from $1 million to $3 million annually. American reporter Kaitlan Collins has a net worth of $5 million.

Kaitlan Collins eventually rose to the position of Chief White House Correspondent for the network while working for CNN on the White House team from 2017 to 2022. In September 2022, she received an opportunity to host a CNN morning show alongside Poppy Harlow and Don Lemon.

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Kaitlan Collins Age and Nationality

In 2023, he or she will be 31 years old. She was born on April 7, 1992, under the sign of Aries. The reporter was born in the United States. Originally from Prattville, the United States of America currently resides in Washington, DC.

Kaitlan Collins’ Journey to Prominence

Working at The Daily Caller gave Kaitlan her first job in the media. However, she received greater recognition for her work at CNN. Her fearlessness in the face of danger and her unwavering pursuit of the truth has made her one of the most significant journalists in the industry.

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Kaitlan Collins With CNN

When Collins joined CNN as a White House Correspondent in 2017, it was a significant step forward for his career. She gained a lot of attention in this place for her incisive questioning and fearless reporting throughout the Trump presidency.

She wrote about significant occurrences like the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the government, the Mueller investigation, and the impeachment procedure. Collins frequently served as the face of CNN’s in-the-moment analysis during live coverage from the field.

In 2018 and 2019, Mediaite named her one of the 50 Most Influential People in News Media. She did a great job covering the news, which is why. Collins’s work has occasionally drawn criticism.

In 2018, she inquired about President Trump’s relationship with his former attorney Michael Cohen, which the White House deemed to be “inappropriate,” and they refused to let her into a Rose Garden event.

Nonetheless, she remained firm and received a great deal of backing from her colleagues and organizations that defended journalistic freedom. This incident demonstrated Collins’ commitment to her work and her determination to uphold the freedom of the press.

In September 2022, CNN debuted a brand-new morning program with Kaitlan, Don Lemon, and Poppy Harlow. CNN fired Don Lemon in April of 2023. Rumours have stated that Lemon’s TV altercations with Collins and Harlow led to his termination.

Collins has performed tasks outside those of her regular profession. She has contributed to special reports, moderated significant political events, and even guest-hosted a few episodes of well-known news programs. In May 2023, Kaitlan conducted a CNN town hall with Donald Trump.

Is Kaitlan Collins Married?

She is not married, but since 2015, she and Will Douglas have been in a committed partnership. While she worked at The Daily Caller in 2015, they got to know one another. But because Kaitlan removed some of their joint photos from her Instagram, there are suspicions that they broke up in 2017.

However, Will Douglas still has older pictures of them on his Instagram, but they date back to 2017. It’s unclear if the couple is still together as of 2023. Since October 2021, Doug has not posted anything on his personal Instagram account.

Kaitlan Collins’s Boyfriend, Will Douglas

Will Douglas and Katie Collins have been dating for a while? He currently resides in a large metropolis but was born in a little town across the Red River.

Douglas came from a deeply devout family. His mother took care of the family at home while his dad worked at a factory for more than 40 years. He attended the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy before beginning his career in Dallas.

Today, he is the owner and operator of the Crimson Care Pharmacy Group. His company received recognition as one of Dallas County’s 40 under 40. In 2020, he entered the Texas House of Representatives to run for the position of representative for District 113. He let go of the chair.

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