Missing Wildland Firefighter Found After 24 Hours in Alaska

Oregon wildland firefighter who went missing on Thursday in the Interior of Alaska has been discovered alive.

Saudith Rendon, 51, a resident of Salem, had traveled up north with the Oregon Wildland Fire Hand Crew to assist in putting out the Lost Horse Creek Fire north of Fairbanks, according to a statement from the state’s Division of Forestry and Fire Protection. According to the division, he failed to connect with the rest of his crew to travel to the fire from the Olnes Pond Campground along the Elliott Highway and was reported missing on Thursday morning.

According to an Alaska Interagency Management Team representative, Rendon was discovered at approximately 5:30 p.m. According to an updated statement from the forestry division released Thursday evening, he was evaluated by medical personnel on the site. He was then brought to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in “stable condition.”

The forestry division reports that Rendon vanished after being last seen Thursday at 6:30 a.m. preparing breakfast at the campground, which is used to house fire personnel.

With troopers, state park administrators, and Alaska Wilderness Search and Rescue, an Alaska Incident Management team searched for Rendon.

Since July 28, the Lost Horse Creek Fire has been raging north of Fairbanks. Fire authorities stated that as of Thursday, the fire was 16% contained and burned over 9,500 acres. On Wednesday, authorities in the area lowered the level of evacuation.

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