Portland Police Bust Suspected Drug Dealer With 3,500 Counterfeit Fentanyl Pills

In Portland’s downtown, fentanyl is not only simple to locate but also inexpensive to purchase. Authorities claim that the intersection of Southwest 6th Avenue and Harvey Milk Street in downtown Portland is a hub for drug usage and trafficking. A police officer conducting surveillance in the area on Tuesday came across a man selling what was thought to be fentanyl.

“We went to stop the individual,” Portland Police Bureau Officer David Baer said. “He ran on a skateboard. He made it a couple blocks. He was arrested here.” According to authorities, the 17-year-old had a robbery warrant out for his arrest. It turned out that the bust was not the craziest of the week. It happened on Monday.

Fentanyl Pills Being Sold for 80 Cents Each Could Kill

Officer Baer said that they discovered a man with about 3,500 blue tablets that had been laced with fentanyl. Baer said that the seller was charging as little as 80 cents for each pill.

“We thought there’s no way you can get cheaper than a dollar,” he said. “Obviously with market demands and all that, the economies of the drug market, he said $0.80 and we even confirmed that because I’m like there’s no way he said 80 cents.”

Edis Centeno has been named as the alleged dealer. He has no prior arrests in the area. Tuesday afternoon, Centeno made an appearance in court to answer the felony narcotics accusations.

“Are some of these people labor-trafficking victims,” Baer said. “You could absolutely say that.” No matter who they are, according to Baer, they are promoting medications that need to be avoided at all costs.

“Don’t trust any drugs you find on the street,” he said. “Drugs we’ve tested that we seized in the last year have tested positive for fentanyl, including cocaine and meth and other recreational drugs. Everything has fentanyl residue on it. At this point, the pills you’re buying on the street that people tell you is oxycodone, it’s counterfeit fentanyl.”

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