Rainier Beach Shooting Highlights Need for Increased Security

Following a gunshot on Friday that left five people injured outside of a Safeway in the Rainier Beach neighborhood, city leaders in Seattle are debating the next actions to ensure community safety.

Tammy Morales, a member of the Seattle City Council who represents the area where the shooting took place, said it “never should have happened.”

Last night, South end community leaders were hosting a beautiful community healing space in the Rainier Beach Safeway parking lot when dozens of shots were fired toward them. These young people, out of love for their neighborhood and community, were holding space with free food and music. This senseless shooting should have never happened.

I am in conversation with Mayor Harrell, the Police Department, and the community leaders of our violence prevention networks in Rainier Beach as we respond to this horrific night. I commend the swift action of our medical first responders, police officers, and our community leaders for being on the ground to support the families, and their dedication to healing our wounded communities.

In the coming days, our office will be in collaborative conversation with all parties to work toward comprehensive and evidence-based solutions that will prevent such tragedies from recurring, while addressing the significant need for mental health resources to address the trauma of this event.

In addition to speaking Friday evening at the shooting scene, Mayor Bruce Harrell posted a message on Twitter on Saturday.

This act of gun violence at an outreach event meant to be a safe place for South Seattle neighbors is appalling and unacceptable. There are too many guns in hands where they do not belong, and we can never accept this violence as a normal fact of life. We must be relentless in our efforts to end gun violence and support an environment of safety and healing in our communities. That requires a holistic approach to this epidemic: law enforcement, community-based solutions, and stronger pathways for prevention and intervention.

On Saturday, Morales heard a speech by Tanya Woo, a candidate for the Seattle City Council.

The tweet below confirms the news:

When asked what the city’s officials should do to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, Woo responded, “I think it’s looking at the facts and looking at the evidence. Crime has significantly increased in this area. Nearby is where I live. I always shop at the Safeway. In practically every day and every weekend, I hear gunfire. It’s quite upsetting.

“There’s been so much absorbed trauma in this community. I think all of the agencies, the city, neighbors need to come together whether it’s more alternatives to policing, whether they would like more hotspot patrols,” Woo said. β€œI would love to see more people having eyes on the streets, and not letting violence further fear, or dictate how we go about our daily lives.”

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