Oregon Senate Has Passed a Bill to Reduce Extremist Activity

The Oregon Senate has passed House Bill 2572, which focuses on preventing armed activity that violates constitutional rights and substantially interferes with government functions or legitimate law enforcement authority, and establishes a civil cause of action to assist ordinary Oregonians who have been harmed by paramilitary activity in seeking justice.

Individuals who engage in specific conduct as part of a private paramilitary organization or who receive training for illegal activities may be held legally liable under the proposed legislation. A recent report from the Secretary of State Audits Division revealed that Oregon ranked sixth in the nation between 2011 and 2020 for the number of domestic violent extremist incidents reported.

Sen. James Manning (D – Eugene), co-chief sponsor of HB 2572 said –

“Our communities, our families are vulnerable. This bill will fortify Oregon against threats from violent extremists trying to undermine our democracy and infringe on our rights.”

Oregon Senate Passed a Bill to Reduce Extremist Activity
Oregon Senate Passed a Bill to Reduce Extremist Activity

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HB 2572 is a potent enforcement tool because it prohibits conduct that endangers public safety and law enforcement regardless of the ideological motivations behind such conduct.

The legislation is the result of extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and constitutional experts, whose input was essential to the bill’s development. The law protects the constitutional right to protest while armed. The bill is now sent to the governor for his consideration.

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