Oregon Looses Another County To Greater Idaho Movement

Another eastern Oregon county, Wallowa, has voted in support of looking into the potential of joining Idaho as part of the “Greater Idaho” campaign. There are a total of 14 counties to the east of the proposed line, and now 12 of them support the effort.

The Greater Idaho movement is pushing for a change in the current boundary between Oregon and Idaho in order to bring numerous rural and politically conservative counties back under Idaho’s control. Supporters of the movement say it will lead to a government that more accurately reflects the views of the people who live there.Β  Check the tweet below:-

Despite the idea’s popularity in eastern Oregon, the political process of redrawing state lines presents serious obstacles. House Joint Memorial 1 was approved by the Idaho legislature to open up dialogue between state representatives from Idaho and Oregon regarding redrawing the boundary. However, the Oregon Senate, which is in a stalemate owing to a walkout headed by Republicans, has shown little interest in discussing the plan.

Proponents of Greater Idaho point to a plethora of advantages, including financial ones for both states. They claim that if middle-income counties in Oregon left the state budget, it would increase earnings across the board in both states. But naysayers warn of the complexity of such a move, pointing to dissimilarities in taxation policy and marijuana legalization between the two states.

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The last time a state was legally divided was in 1863 when West Virginia was founded. Changing state borders is not unique in the United States, since tweaks and splits have occurred over the years. The Greater Idaho movement has an uphill struggle to bring about significant changes to the map of the area because of the difficulties and complications involved.

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