Huge Amount Of Psilocybin Found In A Mansion In Oregon

According to court records, law enforcement recently busted a psilocybin grow home and a transnational marijuana and mushroom distribution ring. Northeast Portland’s 5,000-square-foot house, nestled next to a country club, was the site of the uncovered operation.

It appears that an underground market for mushrooms has continued despite the fact that restricted medicinal use of psilocybin mushrooms was permitted in Oregon under Measure 109 in 2020. Despite the closure of a storefront named Shroom House on West Burnside Street, some licensed therapists continue to give guided psychedelic experiences in homes and apartments.

Evidence of the existence of out-of-state traffickers in Portland is provided through a probable cause affidavit submitted in Multnomah County Circuit Court. The affidavit does not give any clear indication of why the $1.3 million property with views of a golf course was under investigation. Below is the image of mansion in which the drug was found:-

Huge Amount Of Psilocybin Found In A Mansion

A dark chamber specifically designed for mushroom cultivation was uncovered by law authorities during the search, along with 23 guns and a large sum of money. Drugs of all kinds were found strewn around the house, and parcels addressed to addresses outside of Oregon were discovered in the mailbox, having been sent by the United States Postal Service.

Among the items discovered by police were scientific equipment intended to measure humidity levels and a dark room with 2,017 individual packets of psilocybin mushrooms. Thousands of orange methamphetamine tablets, hundreds of pounds of cannabis, anabolic steroids, liquid codeine, Xanax, and other substances were recovered. In addition, a stolen Chevrolet Tahoe was discovered in the driveway.

Recovered from the rubble were handwritten ledgers that recorded the names, addresses, and amounts of everyone involved in the firm. According to the books, a sizeable quantity of goods was being sent to foreign markets.

In total, four peopleβ€”Martin Anthony Martinez, Albert Watak Vaka-Capelle, Pedro Antonio Valencia-Gonzalez, and Eric Joon Yiβ€”were apprehended during the operation. It was discovered that Valencia-Gonzalez was living in the mansion.

Authorities have reason to suspect unlawful breeding after finding nine French bulldogs in the home during the raid. The parlor, main bedroom, main bathroom, walk-in closet, kitchen, and living area were all contaminated with dog excrement, urine, and vomit, according to the prosecution.

Drug importation/exportation, methamphetamine possession/possession with intent to distribute, and animal abuse are only some of the many felony charges brought against Martinez, Vaka-Capelle, Valencia-Gonzalez, and Yi. The attorney representing Yi has declined to comment on the case, while the attorney representing Valencia-Gonzalez has not yet spoken to the media. No public defenders have been appointed for the other two defendants at this time.

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Valencia-Gonzalez has a history of criminal behavior and has been arrested on similar accusations in the recent past. After being arrested in 2019 for public delivery of at least 8 pounds of cannabis, he was placed on 12 months of probation in Wasco County. In 2021, he was apprehended in Marion County, Indiana, on charges of DUI, concealed carry, and marijuana plant delivery.

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