The Tigard Driver Who M*rdered an 81-year-old Woman is Charged With Manslaughter

Police said an 81-year-old woman was k!lled and two others were critically injured in a cr@sh on Thursday, May 11, night in Tigard. At about 7:30 p.m., a head-on incident occurred on Highway 99 West near Pfaffle Street, nearΒ the Costco in Tigard.

A video of the 81-year-old Elmer’s restaurant family member who died in the Tigard crash can be viewed here-

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A witness told police that a truck driver had drifted into their lane, causing a collision with five vehicles (four automobiles and a motorcycle). Two were seriously injured, and all three were transferred to a local hospital. The hospital later confirmed the de@th of one patient.

Luigina Elmer, 81, of King City, was named by police as the suspect. Elmer’s daughter Lisa Edson saidΒ her uncle Robert had driven her home that night. He’s stillΒ cared for at Oregon Health & Science University’s trauma unit.

“Believe it or not, they went to go clean off my dad’s and her cemetery plots because my dad died 25 years ago. And they went to a movie and dinner,” Edson said. “And they were driving home, and she got … they got hit.”

Tigard Driver Who Murdered an 81-year-old Woman is Charged With Manslaughter

Elmer was a member of the Elmer’s Restaurant clan, a well-known Portland institution. According to Edson, Luigina Elmer had four strokes and three types of c@ncer over her lifespan. She remarked that knowing her mother saw her loved ones before the crash gives her peace because Elmer was a kind mother.

According to Edson, the night before she p@ssed away, she and her children had dinner with Elmer. A present, according to her, was that last dinner.

Grant Thomas, 43, was identified as the truck’s driver from Hillsboro and was taken into custody without incident. Thomas has been charged with m*rder, drunk driving, assault, dangerous driving, and vandalism.

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