Southern Oregon Timber Industry Gets a Boost with Roseburg Forest Products Investment

The company that makes wood goods will build two new factories south of Roseburg and change its factories in Riddle and Coquille. The company says that the project is one of the biggest private capital investments in the state’s history and the largest known investment in industry in rural Oregon.

Standard medium-density fiberboard panels, thin high-density fiberboard panels, outer trim, and internal molding will be made at the two new sites.

Southern Oregon Timber Industry Gets a Boost with Roseburg Forest Products Investment

The head of corporate relations for Roseburg, Rebecca Taylor, said that the spending would greatly affect the local economy.

β€œIt’s a significant benefit to these rural communities where we currently operate. So, in addition to the 120 jobs that these two new plants will create, it’ll also be a big stimulator for the local economy,” she said.

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The company thinks the two new plants will start workingΒ in 2025. The total amount of money spent will be spread out over four years. This includes updating the plants that are already there.

Roseburg President and CEO Grady Mulbery said in a news statement, “Not only are we proud of our long history in this area, but our focus on advanced manufacturing and new technology makes us a great fit for the future of Oregon’s manufacturing sector as well.”

In 1936, the company was started just outside of Roseburg. Taylor said that the company thinks putting money into rural areas is important.

β€œOne of our primary commitments is to give back to those communities and help serve as a booster in rural communities and bring well-paying, family-wage jobs to these areas. So we were born in rural Oregon and continue operating in rural communities. So it is part of our legacy and our future,” she said.

Roseburg said this project would not hurt the company’s plywood mill business in Weed, California. In September, the almost 4,000-acre Mill Fire started here or nearby. It broke down more than 100 buildings and killed two people. Cal Fire says that the cause is still being looked into.

One more statement by Preston Mann from twitter handle, which is given below-

Roseburg also says that most peopleΒ hurt by the disaster have made settlements with the city.

Source- Oregon public broadcasting department

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