This Video Acts as a Reminder Since It Has a Hidden Animal. Do You See It?

A cunning animal sought refuge from the persistently cold weather behind the dense shrubs outside the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife building. On Tuesday, April 4, officials posted a video on Twitter showing the flawlessly disguised duck. The duck is almost unnoticeable until the camera focuses on her hiding place.

”We have one mallard nesting right in front of us,” the person filming the video said. Officials added in the post, β€œIt may not feel like it, but it’s spring, and that means we’ll have a bunch of chicks, goslings, and ducklings, among others, running around soon.” β€œPlease leave wildlife alone so they can go about the work of making more wildlife.”

You may see a tweet from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife asking people to give animals some space so they can breed-

One commenter said they were also beginning to see more and more indications of spring, such as increased bird activity and flower blooms.

The latest updates on everything happening at Oregon State:

Video Acts as a Reminder Since It Has a Hidden Animal

β€œDaffodils are popping up. And I’ve even seen a few trilliums,” they commented. β€œSpring is trying its hardest to start, but Winter is being stubborn.” The state’s Division of Fish and Wildlife officials concurred.

They said, β€œUsually, we have ducklings on the water already this time of year, but it seems the adults feel the winter too and have held off to give their young the best chance at survival.” You’re not alone, then. Even nature is sick of this prolonged winter and is eager for spring.

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