Salmonella Scare: CDC Issues Warning Against Eating Cookie Dough

Health officials are telling people not to eat raw cookie dough or cake batter because flour is the cause of a salmonella outbreak that has made at least a dozen people sick across the country.

The Centers for Disease Control said they are still trying to figure out which brand of flour caused the outbreak that sent three people to the hospital.

Salmonella Scare CDC Issues Warning Against Eating Cookie Dough

The CDC said that most people who got sick had eaten raw dough or batter made with flour before they got sick. “Bake or cook things like cookie dough or cake batter made with raw flour before eating them.”

Even a small amount of raw dough or batter, the agency says, can make someone sick.

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People have gotten sick in New York, Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, California, and Oregon. These illnesses have been linked to the outbreak.

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