Where to Find the Best Barbecue Places in Oregon?

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) โ€” Barbecue is a favorite American food, and Portland is no exception.

According to the Source, Yelp just put out a list of the best barbecue restaurants in each state, and foodies may not be surprised that Oregon’s is the best.

Matt’s BBQ, a Texas-style barbecue food truck chain located at 4233 N. Mississippi Ave., got the top spot in Oregon.

Where to Find the Best Barbecue Places in Oregon

Since then, Matt’s BBQ owner Matt Vicedomini has opened Matt’s BBQ Tacos and Eem, a Thai barbecue restaurant.

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But Yelp’s top pick differs from what Food Network said was the best in Oregon earlier this year.

Ranch House BBQ & Steakhouse in Olympia, Washington, was named the best barbecue place in Washington by Yelp.

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