Oregon Legislature Considers Naming Potato as Official Veggie

Β The Oregon Senate decided on Wednesday, 22 March 2023, that may have put some lawmakers to sleep: a resolution to make the potato the official state vegetable.

Sen. Bill Hansell, R-Athena, is one of the sponsors of Senate Concurrent Resolution 3. In a passionate β€” one might say spudtacular β€” display, Hansell sang the potato’s praises while holding what appeared to be a brown russet in the Senate chamber.

Oregon Legislature Considers Naming Potato as Official Veggie

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In the big picture, there are no “small potatoes.” This is especially true when it comes to choosing the state vegetable.

β€œTwenty-five percent of Oregon’s frozen french fries are shipped overseas,” Hansell said. β€œOregon potato farmers have donated over one million pounds of potatoes annually to the Oregon food bank. And lastly, the iconic tater tot β€” was developed by two brothers in Ontario, Oregon, who also created the Ore-Ida potato company. No other state can claim the tater tot as their own.”

Other politicians liked how the potato was used to make lefse or vodka. Since this proposal wouldn’t change spending or income, it could be implemented on a tiny budget.

According to the Oregon Public Broadcasting department,Β  The resolution passed with 29 yes votes and 0 no votes. It will now go to the Oregon House, where Hansell seems happy to let things go as they may.

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