What is Big Show’s Real Name? The Giant Secret!


In the world of professional wrestling, there are often people who are bigger than life. The Big Show is one of the most famous and huge figures in the ring, and he stands out from the rest.

But there is a real person with a real name behind the mask and the huge wrestling career. So, let’s pull back the curtain and find out who the fighter called the Big Show really is.

What is Big Show Real Name? The Real Big Show

Paul Wight is the real name of the Big Show. He was born in Aiken, South Carolina, on February 8, 1972. Paul is a normal person who has had an amazing career in the world of professional wrestling. The role he played in the wrestling world is known for being huge and strong, but Paul himself is not like that at all.

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How It Turned Into a Big Show?

Before he became known as “Big Show,” Paul Wight fought under other names, such as “The Giant” in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). But in 1999, when he joined WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), he changed into the Big Show. Because of how big he was and how nice he was, he quickly became a fan favorite.

A Giant Career

As the Big Show, Paul Wight had a great run as a wrestler. He won a lot of titles and had memorable feuds with famous wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Triple H. Because of his huge size and obvious charm, he was a mainstay in the WWE for more than 20 years.

Big Show Career
Big Show Career

Big Show’s Evolution

Throughout his career, the Big Show changed who he was and who he worked with. He went from being a bad giant to a funny and likeable one, which showed how versatile he was as an actor.

Outside the Ring

Paul Wight tried out other forms of entertainment besides wrestling. He showed off his playing skills by being in movies and TV shows. He even had his own Netflix show called “The Big Show Show,” in which he played a made-up version of himself who had a family.

The Final Bell

In January 2021, Paul Wight surprised everyone by saying that he had signed with AEW (All Elite Wrestling), a rival wrestling company. This meant that his long time with WWE was over. His long wrestling career got a new start when he moved to AEW.

In Conclusion

Even though the Big Show was a huge deal in the world of professional wrestling, it’s important to remember that Paul Wight was the real person behind the character.

His hard work, skill, and strong personality changed the wrestling business forever. Fans are sad to see the Big Show go, but they still love the actor who played this famous giant.

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