Kelly Clarkson Net Worth: What is Kelly Clarkson’s Average Monthly Income?


Kelly Clarkson is a famous American performer who also stars in reality shows. After being featured on American Idol, her singing career took off. Kelly’s resume includes not only film and television roles but also a thriving music career.

Kelly has also been active in the nonprofit sector. Kelly’s first hit, “A Moment Like This,” was the best-selling single in the United States in 2002. She has achieved fame as a musician in addition to her TV career.

She has made almost $5 million as a children’s book author thanks to the success of her book “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby.” She’s a good enough storyteller that Nickelodeon is adapting one of her children’s books into a film.

For ten million dollars, Nickelodeon Studio has licensed the rights to adapt the majority of Kelly Clarkson’s published works. In this article, we will reveal Kelly Clarkson’s estimated wealth in the year 2023.

Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

Kelly Clarkson is a multi-talented American entertainer who is worth an estimated $45 million. Kelly Clarkson’s career in music took off after she appeared on the first season of “American Idol.”

In addition to her success in the entertainment industry, Clarkson amassed her massive fortune through a series of astute financial decisions. She also achieved fame as a writer, particularly in the field of children’s literature.

Kelly Clarkson’s victory on the first season of American Idol made her a symbol of the American ideal. She materialized the concept that anyone, anywhere, at any time, may become a star in a way that resonated with and sold to American audiences.

After the huge success of her debut album, she changed record labels and took creative control over her music, resulting in the best-selling album by any “American Idol” graduate. She has also received a considerable amount of prizes in addition to her extensive touring, numerous Top Ten songs, two multi-platinum albums, appearances as a mentor on multiple singing shows, and extensive composing and co-writing of most of her content.

Four AMRAs, twelve BMIs, three Grammies, five Emmys, and three VMAs are just some of the honors she’s garnered over the years. She has been nominated for 98 Grammys and other major music awards, and she has won 70 of them.

What is Kelly Clarkson’s Average Monthly Income?

Clarkson’s monthly earnings from both The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show total $1.9 million, as disclosed in court documents filed during her divorce from Blackstock. According to TMZ, Blackstock only makes a fraction of that, “about $10,000 per month.”

Kelly Clarkson’s Real Estate Transactions

Kelly Clarkson's Real Estate Transactions

Kelly paid $8.5 million in June 2018 for a mansion in Encino, California. The home had ten thousand square feet. That was where she and her family lived full-time. Previously, she had been a tenant in a Los Angeles house that had been repeatedly broken into.

In May of 2020, Kelly put her Encino house on the market for a little under $10 million. When it was sold in September 2021, the price had dropped to $8.24 million after initially being set at $9 million.

Kelly put her Tennessee house on the market for $8.75 million about the same time she bought in Encino in 2018. In 2012, she spent $3 million on a mansion in Henderson, Tennessee, that had 20,000 square feet. There are 7 bedrooms and 4 acres of land at this lakefront property. The price dropped to $7.5 million in 2020. This house went for $6.3 million in June of 2020.

Clarkson paid $1.5 million in 2007 for a small house in Nashville. She listed it for sale and got $1.2 million four years later. She subsequently spent $1.96 million for a 275-acre property in Lebanon, Tennessee, complete with a one-bedroom cottage, a fishing lake, and a large barn. For $3 million, she parted with this home in 2020.

Clarkson also had a sprawling country estate in Mansfield, Texas, not far from her childhood home. In October 2012, she made $1.5 million off the sale of the 6,880 square foot building.

She bought a secluded 5,700-acre ranch in Montana this year, complete with a cozy log home. Not much is known about the sale price, but it was previously listed for $9.9 million and, according to the couple’s own legal documents, is now worth around $17 million.

Kelly, newly single, spent $5.5 million on a mansion in Los Angeles in June 2020.

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Kelly Clarkson to Pay Brandon Blackstock $195,000 in Monthly Support

Kelly’s divorce petition was filed in June of 2020. Kelly received primary custody of their two children in November 2020 after a judge made that ruling.

Unfortunately, Brandon filed a support request shortly after the custody ruling was announced, asking for $430,000 in MONTHLY child support. Child support was asked for $135,000, while spousal support was asked for $301,000. In addition, he requested $2,000,000 to cover his legal bills.

A few weeks later, Kelly filed a complaint in which she alleged that Brandon had not been properly licensed as a talent agent over the entire 13 years that he managed her career. She wanted a million dollars back in fees, and she got it.

Kelly was ordered to pay Brandon $195,000 in child support beginning in April of 2021. It was divided as follows: $150,000 for spousal support for two years and $45,000 per month for child support, presumably until the children turn eighteen.

The judge ordered Kelly to give Blackstock a 5% stake in her Montana property in January 2022. At the time of the judge’s order, Blackstock’s 5% ownership in the ranch was worth $908,000, out of an estimated total value of $17.75 million.

The divorce between Kelly and Brandon was finalized in March 2022. She was awarded primary physical care of the children and would retain ownership of the majority of the marital property. On the other side, she’ll be shelling out $115,000 in spousal support until January 2024 and an additional $45,000 in child support every month after that, probably until the kids turn 18. Kelly also settled on a one-time, $1.3 million cash payment.

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