Where is Virgin River Filmed: Is There a Town Called Virgin River?


The fictional village of Virgin River is surrounded by lush forests, beautiful mountains, and calming waterfalls, all of which contribute significantly to the series’ enchantment.

With the first 10 episodes of Season 5 now available on Netflix (and the last two to be released in November), fans can once again take pleasure in the ethereal filming settings that bring the small hamlet to life. And at least one of those places is experiencing its own drama right now!

First off, some context: the program takes place in Northern California, but was shot entirely in and around Vancouver. The locations used to create the surreal atmosphere are described here, from Mel’s cabin (which is actually sinking) to the restaurant standing in for Jack’s Bar.

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Where is Virgin River Filmed?

The vast majority of the film’s setting is in British Columbia, Canada. Tudum was told by location manager W. Robert Millar, LMGI that he tries to “one-up each episode” by finding a more stunning, untamed landscape, such as a thicker forest that is nevertheless easily accessible.

We always coordinate with the First Nations themselves,” Millar said, referring to Canada’s indigenous population. Since much of our production takes place on land traditionally owned by the Squamish people, they have been quite helpful.

According to Vancouver’s tourism website, the small settlement of Snug Cove on Bowen Island served as the location for many of the establishing shots depicting the fictitious town of Virgin River. The charming Artisan Lane, downtown, and the library of Snug Cove were chosen for the show.

Is There a Town Called Virgin River?

Is There a Town Called Virgin River

There is no such place as Virgin River. More than 20 of Robin Carr’s novels are set in the fictitious town of Virgin River.

“People always write and say, ‘Where is it?'” Carr stated to Entertainment Weekly when asked about her work. I have to explain to them that “there” is merely a place in our imaginations when they say, “I want to go there.”

Carr sets the hamlet in North California’s redwoods, where the waterfalls are plenteous and the fishing is superb.

The town of Virgin River is fictional, and the places used to stand in for it in the show are really in Canada rather than California.

In Virgin River, Where is Mel’s Waterside Cabin?

Mel’s cabin in Murdo Frazer Park, on Vancouver’s North Shore, is where a lot of the enchantment of the Virgin River takes place. In addition to its use in Fringe and The Flash, the gorgeous spot has also appeared in Once Upon a Time.

W. Robert ‘Fluffy’ Millar, the location manager and scout, said of the home, “The interior, of course, is on a soundstage.” Netflix. Large photographic backdrops are hung from the ceiling, giving the illusion that the scenery beyond the window is the genuine area around the real cottage.

It’s a lovely little park with a pond some turtles and some running pathways. We almost didn’t go there last year because of the big British Columbia hydro substation that is directly next to it. They were updating it, which presented a number of logistical problems.

Since the cabin is literally sinking, we learned last year that the District of North Vancouver was awarded a heritage grant to restore it. The pond next to it and the soft soil nearby have caused the foundation to sink. Houses need to be jacked up and lifted, just like on Discovery Channel. We need them to come in and do the real deal.

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