Eric Roberts Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Actor Have?


How Much Money Does Eric Roberts Have Right Now? The 67-year-old American actor Eric Roberts has been in blockbuster films including Star 80, The Dark Knight, and The Expendables. Both the Golden Globe and Academy Awards nominated him for his performance in the 1985 picture Runaway Train.

Who is Eric Roberts?

The American musician Eric Anthony Roberts, better known as Eric Roberts, was born on April 18, 1956, in Biloxi, Mississippi. Both of his parents have theatrical backgrounds; they co-founded a theater school in Atlanta.

Eric and his younger sister Julia began performing at a young age because their parents owned a children’s acting school in Georgia. But for the two Roberts kids, life wasn’t always smooth sailing. Their parents divorced in 1972, but their separation began in 1971.

Eric Roberts Net Worth

American actor Eric Roberts has a net worth of $2 million. Perhaps the most recognizable Roberts performances are from his early starring parts in films like “King of the Gypsies.” Eric’s first foray into Hollywood was with this 1978 film, which also garnered him his first nomination for a Golden Globe.

Another Golden Globe nomination came his way in 1983 for his work in “Star 80.” As early as 1985, he had already received Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for his performance in “Runaway Train.”

Although his career declined after his early 1980s breakthrough, over the course of four decades in Hollywood, Roberts amassed well over 600 credits and earned the reputation as one of the industry’s hardest-working actors. The 1990s saw him in “The Specialist.”

His career as an actor began in the new millennium, and he has since been in films including “National Security,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Expendables,” and “The Institute.” He has also guest-starred on shows like “Less Than Perfect,” “Heroes,” “The Young and the Restless,” “Saved by the Light,” “Suits,” and “Doctor Who.”

In addition to being the father of actress Emma Roberts and the older sister of actress Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts is a well-known actor in his own right. For a long time, Eric and Julia didn’t speak to each other.

The breakup was triggered by his history of drug misuse and Julia’s support for his ex-girlfriend in the custody battle over their daughter, Emma. When he went to see his sister in the hospital after she had her twins, he reunited with her, he said in an interview with People magazine in 2004.

Eric Roberts’s Philanthropic Efforts to Help Those in Need

Eric Roberts's Philanthropic Efforts to Help Those in Need

Eric Roberts has contributed to a number of charities, including, Best Friends Animal Society, Children Mending Hearts, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Farm Sanctuary, Feed the Children, Hear The World, Helen Woodward Animal Center, Precious Paws, Project Save Our Surf, Safety Harbor Kids, and The Humane Society.

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Eric Roberts’ Family: His Wife, Daughters, and Grandchild

Eric Roberts dated other women during his life, but the actresses he dated were often the most memorable. For five years in the 1970s, Sandy Dennis was Eric Roberts’ roommate. His next move was to start dating a woman called Kelly Cunningham. His only child, actress Emma Roberts, was born to him and Cunningham at this time.

Success as an actor began early for Emma, who made her feature debut in 2001’s “Blow.” She went on to star in numerous additional films and television shows, most notably “American Horror Story.” Since Emma had her own child in 2020, Eric Roberts is now a grandfather. A custody fight between Eric and Cunningham over their daughter was later verified. If what Eric says is true, Eric’s older sister sided with Kelly in court. Eric wed Eliza Roberts, an actor, in 1992.

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