The True Detective Season 1: A Comprehensive Summary


When you reach out and touch night, night returns the gesture. A suspected serial killer with dangerous occult leanings murders a prostitute in 1995 in the first season of this riveting drama series, which HBO is premiering tonight and which stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

The True Detective Season 1 Finale: A Bittersweet Victory

Knowing who killed Lange and others has restored Rust and Marty’s hope and faith in humanity after years of searching. It was revealed that they had actually met the man 17 years earlier, in episode 3 of the series, when Rust chatted with the man riding a lawnmower outside of the school. Errol Childress is Sam Tuttle’s grandson. He’s the scarred-faced guy who’s also really tall and the green-eared spaghetti monster.

At the murderer’s house, the detectives break in. When Errol refuses to listen to Rust and takes off running, the latter pursues him through the house and across the land, where he witnesses further proof of Errol’s mental instability. Eventually, the pair reaches what appears to be the legendary Carcosa, a dome-shaped chamber. After years of drug usage and other reasons, Rust eventually experiences a vision at the worst possible time.

Errol attacks Rust when he is in the midst of his vision, stabbing him hard in the stomach. Until Marty comes and shoots the killer in the shoulder, the detective holds his own against Errol’s size and Rust’s new wound.

As Errol shifts his focus to the other man, Marty is naturally hurt as well. Marty appears to be in grave danger as Errol attempts to eliminate him. Fortunately, Rust is able to maintain consciousness long enough to fire a bullet directly into Errol’s skull.

The Dark Truth Behind the Tuttle Family

The Dark Truth Behind the Tuttle Family

The police are able to link Errol to the Lange case and others thanks to evidence found in his residence. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to link the rest of the Tuttle family to the atrocities. Errol is a member of the Tuttle family, and throughout the case, Rust and Marty discover a cult within the Tuttle family.

Children are tortured and sacrificed in rituals honoring the Yellow King and Carcosa. As Rust (Jay O. Sanders) discovers when he watches the film of Marie Fontenot’s killing that the Reverend Tuttle (also played by Sanders) possesses, this is clearly the case. Police have this evidence, but they can’t link it to the Tuttle megachurch or Senator Eddie Tuttle, so they’re off the hook. This time, at least.

The Yellow King and Carcosa were first introduced to readers in Robert W. Chambers’s collection of short stories titled The King in Yellow. According to Nerdist, the collection of macabre tales centers on a play titled The King in Yellow that drives its readers insane. In his writing, Chambers portrays Carcosa as a haunted, old city.

Although he popularized the name, “Carcosa” was first used in Ambrose Bierce’s short fiction “An Inhabitant of Carcosa.” Creator Nic Pizzolatto claims this information isn’t necessarily available in the world of True Detective.

He explained it plainly in an interview with EW: “To be clear, in our show, nobody is going to reference a book by Robert Chambers called The King in Yellow.”The show drops hints here and there about possible links, but it’s up to viewers to piece together how the cult came to be based on these beliefs.

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Rust’s Rediscovered Faith

In addition to solving the case, the series finale also provides closure for the characters of Marty and Rust. Through the course of the program, Rust’s bleak nihilism and lack of faith in fellow humans color his interactions with others. As Rust heals from his near-fatal encounter with Errol, he describes the experience to Marty.

Before he is stabbed, Rust has a vision of nothingness, and he says, “I could feel my definitions fading.” Another type of darkness lay beneath that one. It was richer, warmer, and more substantial than usual. I had a gut feeling that my daughter was waiting for me. Everything he “had to do was let go,” he says, and he did. Nonetheless, he recovers and returns to life.

Although it seems like Rust wants to die at the time, his outlook changes dramatically when he is rescued. It’s as if the brief moment of empathy he has for his late daughter gives him the will to live again.

As the season comes to a close, Rust uses the phrase “Once there was only dark” to explain his newfound perspective. In my opinion, light has triumphed. What does this imply for the man who has always mocked faith and religion? Has he found a purpose in life? Well, I guess that depends on how you take it.

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Rust can count on Marty Hart’s support

Marty’s self-destructive tendencies are just as evident throughout the season as Rust’s are, albeit in different ways. At first glance, it seems like he has the perfect life, but as the episodes progress, True Detective shows that this is far from the case.

Marty is suffering a midlife crisis and having an affair with a younger woman named Lisa (Alexandra Daddario) in 1995. Maggie, his wife (Michelle Monaghan), finds out quickly and disappears with their two young girls.

Marty, as expected, has managed to keep his professional reputation intact by adhering to company policy and getting along well with his coworkers. After Maggie leaves, he will have nothing else, so this is fortunate. By the season’s finale, Marty is still working alone, but with Rust’s assistance, he has cracked the case that has haunted him for years.

While Rust recovers from his wounds, Marty stays with him to keep a careful check on him and assure him that he will have a place to stay when he is released. He and Rust appear to be pals now as he listens to Rust’s final philosophical discourse. The finale doesn’t reveal what the two investigators will do next, but at least we know they have each other.

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