Vanderpump Rules Season 11: What Does the Future Hold for the Cast?


Remember how Vanderpump Rules was going about its business, moving along well up until season 10 when everything went to hell? Your friends, family, and coworkers all wanted Sandoval’s analyses out of the blue.

So your mother called to see if you’d “heard of Raquel Leviss” (mother, get a grip) and you said you hadn’t. Half of your friends stayed indoors for two weeks straight to watch all 10 seasons of VPR, and now they seem to have completely lost touch with reality.

And here we go again, back to square one. Filming for season 11 of Vanderpump Rules has begun, and things are already very emotional. All the details, including any spoilers, are listed here.

Rachel’s Status for Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Up in the Air

Rachel (please note that she is no longer known as Raquel) has left her facility for mental health care and is currently in talks with Bravo. Her participation in Season 11 is still up in the air, although production on the show as a whole has already begun. That is, if Rachel does try to change the terms of her contract, she will be late to work as a result.

Note that Rachel hasn’t posted anything to Instagram since the upheaval of last season.

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Furthermore, TMZ reports that the stars of Vanderpump Rules “are now feeling more than confident Rachel will NOT return for Season 11.” In addition, a source told Entertainment Tonight, “Rachel has been spending time with her family in Arizona since leaving the mental health facility. Rachel has been receiving letters from people opening up about their own mental health journey and applauding her for taking time away from filming to focus on her mental health. Rachel is in a really good place and has been enjoying a slower pace of life. She’s been doing Pilates and often goes hiking.”

Vanderpump Rules Season 11: Filming Wraps Up Soon

TMZ claims the program is “halfway through” filming as of July 28, so at least that much is true. They will probably be finished by the end of August or the beginning of September. The cast has been sighted so far drinking and eating together, with Tom breaking down in public.

Who Are the Season 11 Cast Members of Vanderpump Rules?

Who Are the Season 11 Cast Members of Vanderpump Rules

Season 10’s other prominent cast members, including Madix, Kennedy, Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz, Scheana Shay, Brock Davies, Lala Kent, Ally Lewber, and Lisa Vanderpump, are also expected to return. Charlie Burnett is the lone exception; in June 2023, she told US Weekly that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to put herself through filming since she expected it to be “very, very weird and really stressful.” She has not been spotted on set with the rest of the actors recently, but her departure from the program has not been confirmed.

This season of Vanderpump Rules may feature even less of Vanderpump than in previous seasons. She was shown to be obsolete by the end of Season 10, and now she has a new show and team to manage: Vanderpump Villa. Although a premiere date for the Hulu series has not been announced, it will take Vanderpump out of Los Angeles and place her in France.

While Baskin has teased that we might see more throwbacks as Kristen Doute did in the Season 10 finale, no new cast members have been announced as of yet. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “Look, the former cast members are still a part of the group.” It’s not like they disappeared. So, we can’t wait to figure out the ramifications of that.

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Vanderpump Rules: Madix’s Sandwich Shop Dreams

There have been a few noteworthy events in the field of VPR recently, all of which may be safely assumed to be covered in the series. It has been rumored that cameras were present on Vanderpump’s final night of business at his West Hollywood eatery Pump, which shuttered on July 5.

Sandoval is currently working with the majority of the cast and crew again, but relations between them have been tense. During one of Kennedy’s DJ performances at SUR, Shay was seen fighting with Sandoval in the alleyway outside the restaurant, which is where all of the best fights on Vanderpump Rules take place.

According to TMZ, Schwartz and Sandoval were seen “hashing out their issues” at their restaurant TomTom in early July. When Schwartz and Sandoval went shopping later that month, Sandoval reportedly witnessed Schwartz displaying “intense” and “agitated” body language. Season 11 will most likely focus on Sandoval’s efforts to win over the gang again, particularly his best buddy and business partner Schwartz.

At Something About Her, the sandwich cafe she co-owns with Maloney, Madix has already been spotted filming. The business is scheduled to open this summer, and the film crew plans to document the preparations leading up to the grand launch. It’s a minor point in what’s shaping out to be the season’s main plot: Madix’s rebounding fortunes.

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