Portland Police Innovates with High-Flying Drone Surveillance

In an innovative yearlong pilot program, the Portland Police Department will use drones for surveillance and crime combat. To better safeguard public safety, law enforcement can monitor high-risk scenarios with the help of these unmanned aerial vehicles.

Portland’s dedication to reducing crime through innovative means is demonstrated by this step forward in police technology.

Portland Police Launch Yearlong Drone Program

In a year-long experiment, police in Portland, Oregon, hope to use drones to record accidents, monitor traffic, respond to bomb threats, aid in searches, and assess the damage caused by calamities like building collapses.

On Wednesday, 5 April, police announced that the project would begin in around 60 days at less than $80,000. They’ll have the city and police emblems on them. β€œDuring this critical staffing period, PPB continues to look for innovative ways to help us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively,” Police Chief Chuck Lovell said in a statement.

Portland Police Innovates with High-Flying Drone Surveillance

The drones can be used in Portland thanks to the council’s approval. According to Oregon laws regulating aircraft operations, they cannot be used for mass surveillance, facial recognition, harassing individuals, or managing crowds.

According to the police, the drones will be operated by the bureau’s Traffic Division and Metro Explosive Disposal Unit.

The most recent updates we’ve provided on what’s happening on campus at Oregon State:

According to Drone Responders, a charity whose mission is to familiarize first responders with drones, some 5,000 public safety departments across the US use them. Police in the Portland area claim that the vast majority of police agencies in the state deploy drone technology.

In 2018, the Oregon State Police began a drone pilot program and are now using the technology to aid local law enforcement agencies in tracking criminals. State records show that on March 25, state police used a drone to aid Portland police in pursuing a homicide suspect.

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