Where Oregon's Dante Moore Ranks Among Recruiting Nil Valuations In 2023 Class? (Latest News)

An athlete is no longer judged just on the basis of what production he can deliver on the field under the new landscape of college football

which came into effect once the laws on name, image, and likeness were amended. Instead, the new landscape takes into account the athlete as a whole.

College athletes are now permitted to accept financial compensation in the realm of NIL in order to market both themselves and the items they use.

Now that there are more and more collectives springing up all over the country, sponsors are able to more easily move their money into the college ranks and develop ties with athletes

On3 uses an algorithm to generate a dollar value for incoming and current collegiate athletes, based on areas of performance, impact, and exposure. This gives the athletes an idea of how much money they can make through NIL deals.

Some of the figures don't add up to what you might expect them to be, particularly when you take into account a couple of the big NIL deals that have supposedly been inked over the course of the past year, some of which are upwards of $7 million or more.

The rankings of On3's valuations is $710k provides us with a fair response and Dante Moore ranks at no. 4.