Metallica and Eddie Munson himself play "Master Of Puppets," bringing full circle the year's biggest metal narrative.

This weekend at Lollapalooza, Eddie Munson's dreams came true when he met his favorite heavy metal musicians and played a set featuring the song that made him a household name.

Before headlining this year's Lollapalooza festival, metal legends Metallica reunited with Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn,

who plays beloved metalhead character Eddie in the new season of the show, to perform the legendary thrash hymn Master Of Puppets.

Quinn is shown backstage at the festival revealing that he is about to meet the biggest band in heavy metal, and then he is shown hanging out with

fan" of Stranger Things (and has been, in fact, since Season 1), and goes on to reveal that watching the show has actually been a "bonding experience" for him and his kids.

After Quinn expresses appreciation to Metallica for granting Stranger Things permission to utilize the song, Hetfield responds by praising Quinn for "giving it justice."

singing to protect his loved ones from the terrible bat beasts. Soon after, Metallica invited him to jam, and there he was, the real Eddie Munson, playing guitar