Tony Khan, the CEO of AEW and Ring of Honor and the de facto number two guy in all of pro wrestling, came to Twitter shortly after Vince McMahon announced his retirement

Looking at the replies to that tweet alone makes it clear that many people had different reactions. And the message it contains can be interpreted in various ways.

The other half of this website, Sean, thought it was "quite harmless and really darn funny." As a rule, I find myself agreeing

A review of the comments reveals that many others had different reactions, finding the timing awkward and the tone offensive.

In a tweet (via Wrestling Inc.) he had the opportunity to elaborate on his motives during the Death Before Dishonor media scrum:

I was referring to the current AEW Rampage and the fact that among the three largest corporations in the world (what I call "The Big Three").

I have been CEO for the longest amount of time. Taking professional wrestling into account, I think that is a reasonable assessment.

All I saw was a promotional message for Rampage and assumed it to be simply a statement of fact. I'm at a loss for words at this point.