Hours after being found guilty of contempt of Congress on Friday, January 6, Steve Bannon lashed out at the House January 6 committee.

Bannon told Fox News Tucker Carlson that if the Republicans win back power, they will form their own committee, threatening the jobs of current committee staffers.

"We have to have a real January 6 committee, including to get to the staffers now and see about the lies and misrepresentations they put on national television

I would say to the staff on January 6th, "Preserve your documents because there will be a real committee, and this will be backed by Republican grassroots voters

"The only way to effectively rule is to take the offensive. Each and every one of the House's committees should have an oversight role

A supporter of the fringe belief that the FBI was behind the attack on the Capitol, he hailed right-wing activist Darren Beattie.

Bannon claimed that on January 6 a Republican committee would investigate "intelligence failures, FBI involvement, DHS involvement, the intelligence services

On Friday, the House January 6 committee convicted Steve Bannon, Trump's former senior White House strategist, guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress