Ralph Brown Comes Home With Ultimate Act Of Community (Latest News)

At Rogers Landing Park in Newberg, Oregon, on May 3, 2022, the body and vehicle of Ralph Brown were recovered from the Willamette River.

his wife Carol sought to prevent him from driving. β€œI’m going home,” Ralph told Carol.Β  β€œTo my other home.”

Carol made an effort to get her husband to halt and convince him that he was already at home, but she was unsuccessful.

The family took action, searching for him and contacting his cellphone. He answered a call from his daughter, Laurie Saunders, a few hours later. Ralph gave his daughter a brief message.

A large search was planned immediately after Ralph missing in Newberg when at least 150 volunteers and searchers gathered to check the forests, the parks

On May 3rd, we finally learned that Jared and the Experiences with Purpose team had returned to Rogers Landing and had discovered a car submerged 30 feet beneath some logs and branches.

It was confirmed many hours later that Mr. Ralph Brown was inside; he was, at last, returning home. Never giving up, Leisek and crew independently decided it was time for another look, and this time they discovered our guy.